Dream Team

The Dream Team is a group of incredible people that have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in them. From creating a welcoming atmosphere by serving in Frontline ministry to leading the next generation to Jesus by serving on a FH Kids Team; from crafting a dynamic experience for Special Events to working behind the scenes to create a comfortable environment; to tearing down barriers across our city by leading a Life Group or partnering with charities--we are a group that forcefully advances the Kingdom of God. Scroll down to see what the Dream Team does!

Opportunities to serve

  • Cleaning Crew

    This crew of men and women work behind the scenes to keep the building tidy, safe, and quality-clean.

  • Communion Preparation

    Be a part of a team that prepares communion for Sunday services or clean up communion after Sunday services. 

  • handyman

    Equipped with a skill set of being "handy around the house," this team repairs minor breaks and wear and tear on the building and furniture. 

  • Maintenance / landscaping

    Exterior Maintenance volunteers mow, trip, and care for the FH campus. Use your love for the outdoors and landscaping to keep the church looking great. 

  • post-service clean-up

    Volunteers help clean the sanctuary directly after Sunday morning service and special events by replacing Bibles, picking up any trash, and collecting unused offering envelopes. 

  • Growth Track Team

    Creating a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for Growth Track attendees, this team sets up tables and chairs, prepares and serves lunch, then cleans up. 

  • Office aide

    Volunteers lend aid to the FH Office during the week as they prepare the tools that allow guests to participate in worship during services and special events. Assembling bulletins, connection cards, offering envelopes, flyers, and invitations are some of the essential elements of this ministry!

  • Graphics & Social Media

    This creative team puts together graphics for message series and special events. They also build public relations online through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the FH website. 

  • photographer

    A photographer serving the body takes pictures at select gatherings of children, youth, and adults, including services, classes, and special events. They enhance the pictures if necessary and send them to whomever is creating a video or slideshow of the subjects. 

  • Special events

    Special Events are special services at FH or other venues, community outreaches and events, etc. The team builds from two aspects: the outward (e.g., decor for venue, set-up and tear down, clean-up, etc.) and the inward (e.g., prayer, intercession, outreach, etc.).

  • Frontline

    This ministry contains many "mini" ministries that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all of FH's guests. Frontline consists of Greeters, Hospitality, Ushers, Parking Lot Attendant, Merch Table, and the Info Center. These volunteers are the people who greet, and make that "first connection" with a big smile! 

  • Nursery

    Caregivers have the wonderful opportunity of giving little ones their "first look" at our amazing God. They will introduce babies up to three years old to Bible stories and worship through music. 

  • STAND Student ministry

    STAND Leaders worship alongside students, organize games, sometimes lead discussions in a group setting, pray, and connect with the middle and high school students to show them how to live a life in relationship with Jesus while being engaged in His mission. 

  • FH Kids 

    FH Kids is a HUGE ministry that speaks into our kids' lives in many ways. There are multiple ministries that work under FH Kids such as FH Kids Check-in, Classroom Set-up, Preschool Assistant, Preservice Station, (for more mature believers) Worship/Prayer Team, Teacher, and Preschool Teacher. ALL of these ministries play an important role in shaping the lives of our young followers. 

  • Worshipping team

    Through vocals, drama, instruments, audio engineering, or technical graphics, this dynamic team prepares the way for our guests to encounter the presence of the living God. This ministry includes, Worshipping Team (instrumentalists/vocalists), Worship Dance, Tech Team, Sound Team, and Facebook Live Team.

  • Life groups

    Life Group leaders are students of God's Word, called to disciple followers of Jesus Christ. They are trained and developed by ministry staff and serve a crucial function of engaging the hearts and minds of their group members in the study and application of God's word. A leader is committed to seeing his or her group members grow to be more like Christ and impact their community for His Kingdom. 


Local and Global outreaches...

  • Celia Mendes

    Church of God World Missions - Mozambique Africa

    Celia is a native Brazilian Church of God missionary to Mozambique. She has been sharing the Gospel of Jesus, working in orphanages, training pastors and teachers, and serving on the missionary board in Mozambique for over 12 years. She is a passionate young woman, zealous to serve in many different areas. Celia rumbles into the bush to show the Jesus film; she cares for orphans at an Iris Ministries orphanage; she teaches at conferences; she trains pastors and teachers; she helps organize projects such as bringing fresh water supplies to outlying tribes; she organizes large outreach events in cities. Click here to see some of Celia's work.

  • Chuck and Lori Gipson

    The Jesus Film Project

    Based on the Gospel of Luke, the "JESUS" film has now been dubbed in more than 1,200 languages, with new languages being added every month. This allows God’s Word to speak to people in more than 200 countries in languages they know and understand. By God’s grace, it is yielding a spiritual harvest of unprecedented results.

  • Buy A Tree. Change A Life.

    Buy A Tree. Change A Life. is a nonprofit organization made up of a group of people who care about the needs of disadvantaged children in our own community, as well as throughout the world. The Central Oregon site partners with over 40 site nationwide who share the same passion: help those who can't help themselves by selling Christmas trees!

    BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE. proudly works in partnership with People for Care & Learning to help children globally and locally.

  • Casa Shalom

    Casa Shalom is an orphanage in Guatemala that takes in kids who have been neglected, abused, or abandoned by their families. This facility provides quality education, nutrition, and a home for children that otherwise wouldn't have one. Father's House goes on a annual mission trip to support Casa Shalom with supplies, love, and hard workers. BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE. also donates money to this life-changing orphanage.