JANUARY 1 // One of my favorite days of the year

AUTHOR:  Randy Wills             READING:  1 Peter 3:12; 1 Thessalonians 5:17

what I didn’t do last year I will do this year, Mulligan, re-focus, anything is possible, clean slate. 

At age 62, I’ve had a few of these, and they aren’t getting any less important; in fact, quite the opposite. That clean slate needs to have some good items put on it this year. Some possibilities need to be achieved, and I need to get done what needs to get done. 


Today’s verse in 1 Peter helps with my re-focusing process. When I played football in high school, the person I wanted at my games more than anyone else was my father. I love my mom, and her being at my games was important (if you know my mom, you know that I could hear her cheering for me above the entire crowd), but Dad was the one I looked for in the stands. I wanted to show him how good of a player I had become (not that I was the next Russell Wilson), and for him to be proud of me. 


But more than that, my dad understood the game, and after the game, we were able to have a conversation about it. He was able to tell me the plays where I played great, and he also showed me how I could have played better when tackling or running the ball. I want Godto watch me this next year. I want Hiseyes to be on me. I want Himto see what I’m doing right as well as what I’m doing wrong and what I can do to improve my relationship with Him. I want Him cheering for me.

Pastor Randy Wills

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